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network. >> roger is a meticulous producer, as you know. he probably knows television as well anybody alive. he has real leadership qualities. everybody i talk to. i have met a lot of people in my life, work places and people always say nice things about their boss because they better. the way people talk about roger at fox is a different kind of a way. >> andrea: he is an excellent coach. he is reason why all of us are sitting here. he hand picks his talent. he is the best producer. i would say the best leader and, of course, legend in the tv world. much, much more. he helped elect three presidents. and roger, you are the best. buy the book to get a look behind the scenes at who he is. >> bob: that was moving commentary. >> andrea: thank you. i feel passionate about the topic. as you can see. >> dana: i'm switching
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topics. good news, bad news. yoga abouts there could be a shortage of black yoga pants. lululemon, out of vancouver, british columbia has a problem. shipment came in and everybody buys the yoga pants but they're too sheer. they only discovered this because people in yoga class realized they were revealing more than they were planning on. so if you want to find up for yoga classes around here, you might -- >> bob: i'll sign up tomorrow. >> dana: there could be a shortal of black yoga pants. freddie there are people in second and third worlds who do yoga. >> dana: in black lululemon yoga pants? >> greg: yes! >> bob: i have been saying this for a long time. the biggest threat to the united states ever will be the chinese. they have now involved in cyber hacking in our country. our best corporations, military and other things.
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tom clancy has a book out about it. read it and it will show you what chinese are up to. not good. >> andrea: that is it for us on "the five." thank you for watching, everybody. see you here tomorrow. welcome to "red eye." it is like smash, but in the past tense. let's go to andy levy. what is coming up, old sport? >> our top story, did "amazing race" force people to join a come mu thirst party? no, they didn't and is the white house easter egg roll threatened to be stopped? and is anthony wiener looking for political revenge and did he figure out who forced him to send inappropriate pictures to young women who were not his wife? a full report coming up. >> thank you. >> you becha. >> an interesting collar situation. >> it is a new shirt and
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annoying the crap out of me. i don't know what to do about it. >> i am shocked you would come on wearing a shirt. >> i may have to unbutton it and take it off. >> wear the blazer without a shirt. >> i have a nice v neck on underneath. >> let's welcome our guest. i am here with fox business network anchor lon rear rothman. control -- lori rothman. and if he were a pen i would tap him on my desk, joe derosa. and in hawaii he is used as a condiment, bill schulz. and he is so sharp he burps throwing stars. sitting next to me dennis prager from the nationally sin do it cayed -- syndicated talk show host. >> a block. the lede. that's the first story. and now a show guaranteed to
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put you to sleep, america. >> can they win without ho chi minh? "the amazing race" the show and not the swedes was questioned on taste after contestants went to han noi, vietnam for a pitstop. teams were tasked with memorizing a communist song performed by kids in front of the ho chi minh. >> this requires east -- requires performance of the song dancers will reveal the word of the celebrated song. >> ♪ >> it is like one direction. >> it is like "glee" with starvation. competetors then
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had to match the lyrics to propaganda posters outside. later, they were forced to visit the b-52 memorial in ha-noi which is a site that has a shot down american bomber. >> they must now make their way to the b-52 memorial, the site of the wreckage of a b-52 bomber shot down during the vietnam war. and it is where they will find their next clue. >> here? wait, wait. >> this is a double u-turn. >> shut up. all in all, a great tribute to our troops. well done, cbs. and one competetor was left behind. keep going little booger. dennis, all of my outrage buttons are signal red, signal red. am i right to be outraged?
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>> yes, i was just in vietnam, and i -- what can i say? >> i went to brooklyn last week. >> i came from brooklyn many years ago. it is so depressing to look at vietnam how they have rejected come -- communism. they are now engaged in capitalism. every vietnamese who died in that war died in vein for people as awful and we are now singing -- these people are now singing the accolades of a general -- genocidal party. it is depressing. >>- q. i as you know you hate america -- >> as we know you hate america and everything it stands for. were you eccstatic to see them air communist pop began do on -- propaganda on national tv? >> that was the first time i saw the clip. i don't get to do a lot of research before the show, but only because i am hard pressed to find interest in any of this.
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i was disgusted by it a bit. but i don't understand it. first of all, i didn't know "the amazing race" was still on and i hope this is what gets it canceled. >> lori, did the producers, do you think they knew? in television they are running around and doing stuff and they have to get as much footage as they can. >> they were tone deaf with this, hands down. i wonder, again to play the devil's advocate, the other side of the discussion. >> communism is not a bad thing? >> it is a terrible thing and devastating and that's the point. how horrible the vietnam war was and the atrocities. i was channel surfing last night and hit "amazing race" when they showed the picture of the mangled wreckage of this b-52 bomber surrounded by this buzzing city. the contrast of that i thought was jarring. it reminded me of how terrible communism was and what a disgrace the war was.
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>> if they had gone 20 years ago to south africa would they have sung a song about uh par tied? >> would have have gone to sun city? >> i want to play sun city. >> i admire that, bill. but are you talking about s-o-n city. >> you take off everything they are wearing and they are not girls. >> you participated in the hobo american race. you ended up winning because you stabbed the other three contestants to death. what was the prize anyway? >> no one wins in the hobo american race. i tried to get "the amazing race" with my daughter. it was canceled because she was dressed inappropriately. it was more of a bandaid than a skirt. i am going play -- like i am not going to judge them. let's look at the lyrics of one of the songs. although the path has been
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muddy and rain and dusty with sun, vietnam, spring has come. is it propaganda if you have nothing to sell? they don't have asphalt much less street. >> asphalt? >> i thought he said ass felt. >> that's what i am wearing. >> he said ass felt. >> i am sitting on ass felt right now. >> you know what he wears. >> that is definitely the name of some new clothing line. >> my pot is, -- my point is maybe we just don't care anymore. swree moved on and it has been 50 years. >> nobody in vietnam believes this. these people who did that, they are signed up by the party to give this entertainment. nobody in vietnam is singing that song. that's the amazing thing. they are out to milwaukee a good living, period -- they are out to make a good living, period. and they are the most indoes stree yous people in asia. this is what confused me about
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the clip. i thought maybe there was an angle on the show, like how bad do you want to win this race? we want to make a deal with challenging stuff. are you going to put it aside and digest it? there was none of that. it was presented in a sing-songy and a bubbly way. i don't understand what the point was. >> multi-culturallism. all cultures are equal and who are we to judge? >> or it was something for them to do that was hard and part of the show. >> but they didn't sell it like that. that's what i am saying. >> none of the people reacted that way. >> did you hear the announcer? you got to find the b-52 bomber. >> it was like they don't mention -- did somebody die in that plane? an american troop died in that plane. by the way, it should be called "amazing disgrace" and not" amazing race." from comme's to mommies. they want to erase the embrace. a muscular dystrophy muscular
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dystrophy school district has banned -- a maryland school district has banned parents from hugging kids who are not their own. and birthday invitations cannot be handed out at school. that is so excluded children don't feel excluded. and no more delicious homemade brown knees since food for parties have to be store bought. and little emma might have a glue 10 allergy you must provide a list of ingredients. i guess the ingredient of love is not enough anymore. we asked the cat to comments on the guidelines. >> somebody is sleepy. have you 17 kids. do these rules go too far or
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do they go too far? >> obviously they are ridiculous. i remember my mom showing up in my class with a cigarette and a peanut butter sandwich. >> wait, your mom was peter faulk? this is a result sh -- >> this is a result of a couple bad things happening to a couple of kids and the school overreacting. it might give kids a better and safer experience in school, but at some point they will become victims of the cold, cruel world, and they will be subject to rude awakening. >> completely unprepared. if i was bt -- wasn't invited to a birthday party i would have a choice. i would say those kids are all terrible or what is it about me that might alienate kids from inviting me? that is not possible now. you can't experience a single hurt. >> i was thinking of these rules that is the one i find acceptable. it is like veandz -- valentine's day cards in a classroom it may not be a kid's fault. he may be shy or short or
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maybe wear usa lot of v neck sweaters that people don't understand. he may have a crease right here that causes people to laugh at him. he may have an embarrassing birthmark discovered in the men's room by a group of kids. anyway -- >> you force that on people. when i was in the men's room i did not ask to look at that. you blocked the door. >> i accidentally touched you with it. aren't these lawses reactions to creepy looking people like yourself? >> every question is an insult. i don't have a problem with these rules. i really don't. i don't get the controversy. don't touch kids that aren't yours. okay. don't feed them things that will kill them. okay. that makes sense. and the invitation thing kind of makes sense. look, i have been on the end of not getting invited to things. i have also been on the end of buying valentines for girls that didn't want them. get these things out of the classroom. >> i agree. i was against this, and now i am for it. bill, you have never been
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invited to birthday parties or been hugged, ever. >> the only party i would get invited to when i was in grade school didn't exist. i could hear people laughing in the bathroom when i was alone in a room in my. est party dress. -- in my nicest party dress. hugged? i don't like getting hugged by my own family much less a family that doesn't belong to me. the food thing, not only does that make sense, but do you recall any of the parents' food tasting good? it lead to one thing and that's another chance to take a dump in your pants in the middle of class. you lose a lot of friends that way and get invited to a lot less. >> how about this, the problem with the hugging thing is knots the hug -- it is not the hugging itself. it is the suggestion, what it means. every adult is a potential arrest. >> they don't let minors sit next to men. if your name isn't greg you should be allowed to sit next
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to a kid. it is a terrible thing. the message to every kid is that adults and males are a danger for the infan tess mallly -- has there ever been a report of a kid molested on a plane by an adult? >> no, but there was a guy drunk who did pleasure himself. >> i think i was here that night. >> we did that story. >> but it wasn't an unaccompanied minor. >> it was a young woman. >> so you can't let unaccompanied women sit next to men? >> it was a drunk frat boy. don't ever sit next to a drunk frat boy on a plane. >> that's a good rule. >> and i do agree with one thing you are saying about this blanket criminalization of everybody. i think that is ridiculous and this is a mark of what we do in the culture which is let's not take anything case by case anymore. let's wipe it out clean. >> zero tolerance. by the way, the worse thing -- did you want to say something? >> are you so thoughtful.
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nobody lets me speak. i am accused of interruptiing everyone. >> i was going to say, it is not the educators' fault. it is parents not stepping up. they are not teaching their kids and having the tough, awkward conversations. if an adult does make you feel uncomfortable in someway to tell a parent or a caregiver that you trust. so the schools -- >> it is going to drive hugging underground. there will be a black market of hugging. >> the worst part, the serious worst part is parents are being underminded of the authority figure in their children's lives. that is a skier reproposition. that is the road -- that is a scary proposition. that is the road to author tear januaryism. >> from a hug ban, he has the gal to not tell all. he says he can't reveal every detail about the fun with kim kim jong-un.
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in an interview he described the little leader as, quote, not one of the saddam hussein characters who wants to take over the world. and then he gave an account of kim's love of disco music. and then other stuff "the worm" wouldn't confirm. he said, i won't tell you if the toilets were made of gold as i promised kim i wouldn't talk about that stuff. there is a lot of stuff i can't talk to you about. dennis wouldn't even confirm the rule there all north korean kitties sound like baby goats. we have tape. >> it is a weird culture. you know, joe, i don't really care about dennis rodman. the thing that scares me about the story is he is withholding information about a nuclear armed enemy of the united states because he is friends with the guy. isn't that treason? >> i think so. i am so torn with this. on the one hand i think it is treason and then i say is this
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that different than nixon going overseas in the 60s and getting the nuclear threat taken down from us. i would rather a president be doing it. but if it needs to be a trany i will take a trany doing it. i feel like -- maybe he is in league with the government and he is saying keep your mouth shut. don't go public and stay in the guy's good graces. there are a lot of theories. elvis was in nixon's pocket. >> dennis rodman is in a long line of fools who went over to the communist countries and hugged the geth ocidal dictators. one day they won't be free and they will look at dennis rodman as a villain who came to hug their persecutor. >> remember, they are the first people to go when stuff happens, lori. you were married to rodman in the 1980s. >> the 1990s.
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>> i'm sorry. is he a bad guy? >> he was still playing for the bulls. was he playing for the bulls? i don't remember. >> answer the question. >> no, focus on this. >> i think rodman is a disgrace and it is scary if he is the best we can do with diplomacy. north korea is nothing to mess around with. they are trying to sell the nukes. they put this propaganda video up on their own youtube channel showing missal attacks. they are a tremendous threat and the best we can do is rodman? >> i want to bring bill in. you were actually engaged to rodman and set to marry him in six months. >> what? >> are you going to north korea? >> where are you registered. >> i was engaged until i spoke with the overgrown potato with the bad fade. the left of outrage can be attributed to how much he knows. the level of outrage is zero. rodman does not know
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anything. he is the dude that no one talked to at school and then he had a great story now he is trying to add to it even though he has blown his wad as far as anything that has happened. get your mind out of the >> i agree with what you are saying. >> he has nothing left. >> and i think you have to look at the times we are living in. if something like this would have happened 20 years ago it would have been more outrageous. we just disgraced ourselves so repeatedly for so long we exposed our politicians and put everything on camera and everything is an american idol voting contest. i don't even care about this right now. it is another fool from this country doing another stupid, foolish thing. this is a really bad thing to hug kim jong-un. it is a morally bad thing. he runs the largest concentration camp on earth. the killer to me is i believe if dennis rodman smoked a cigarette in a theater, he
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would be ons trough sized from american company. >> that is a good point. excellent point. that's what you call perspective, people. and this is my finger. coming up, what should you do when your dog gets old? lori rothman discusses her new book "great casserole." but first, is the white house easter egg roll on or off? you can ask the same question about my pants.
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dismie if we -- if we are in the red is the bunny dead? the annual easter egg roll could meet a similar fate due to a potential government shutdown. according to a memo sent to
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ticket holders, quote, finally by using these tickets guests are acknowledging the hunt is canceled due to funding and uncertainty. if canceled, the event will not be rescheduled. here is now one youngster and his pal reacted to this news. >> disgusting. gay marriage and then that. joe, when you heard they might can sell the egg hunt you punched a wall and nearly broke your hand. have you calmed down yet? >> greg, you got the story wrong. when i didn't win my church's annual egg hunt i punched a wall. i broke my hand. that's what happened. this isn't making me any happier though. >> i cracked the veneer.
12:26 am
>> what are you going to do? maybe the eggs aren't happening. it is not happening. i don't get why our fiscal situation has anything to do with that. i feel like it is when your dad comes home and he goes, we are not going to the movies. i don't get what is happening here. >> oh dennis. does this show that president obama hates children almost as much as he hates america? >> well that is a very leading question. >> i will take that as a yes. >> i will take this. he will do anything in order to make a political point. that's what i would say. putting the hatred aside, coobt coobt -- couldn't he have gone to one donor and say it takes a certain amount for a bunny hunt. >> remember, he shoots so maybe it was a bunny. >> maybe the bunny is dead, lori. >> is this a slap in the face
12:27 am
to your, young, misguided, poorly parented children. >> my children who just want to hard boil an easter egg because he is jewish and he has no clue. >> no, i think to your point, the president will do anything to make a political point. it goes into the fear mongering and he is using it to make a political point and punish the republicans to for not going along with him. >> what is next? can selling the fourth of july? obama would like that because it is thought his country's birthday. >> he will join "the amazing race" and dance around a b-52 like there was no tomorrow. if there was never a better way to find out whether our canadian born president is a secret muslim it is right now. this is the most cherished holiday in our christian religion. no thanks to you. this is where we celebrate. it is no thanks to her. this is why we celebrate
12:28 am
jesus' last miracle. they have magical powers. and then he can hide them for little children to find. it is in the bible and how dare you, obama? >> how dare you mockery lig jus people because you don't like bunnies. >> i like bunnies. >> again, i am picking up slack here. my own easter egg hunt will be in my apartment, and i will actually pi for the eggs. -- pay for the eggs. $20. tweet me at greg gutfeld, and remember to put the hash tag greg roll. jot sure where i am going -- not sure where i am going, but if you are coming you have to be over 18, but under 19. and you can't have any real connection to society. so in case something happens you won't be missed. i will be having you fill out some post cards which you will be sending out to your relatives. so it looks like are you on a vacation for a period of months when in fact you won't be. you will be with me. >> who are all of those people
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in the background. it looks like woodstock. >> it is like they are singing along with jimmy hendrix. let's move on. do you have a comment on the show? e-mail us. it is red eye at fox do you have a video of your animal doing something interesting? fox eye. click on submit a video. we might use it. we might not. who knows? still to come, the half time report from andy levy. doesn't like easter either. don't know why. >> tonight's half time report is sponsored by parade. they are people celebrating a special occasion and including floats, bands and people twirling batons. thanks, parade.
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let's find out if we got anything wrong so far. hi, andy. >> how are you, greg? >> fix your collar a little bit. >> it is awful. >> i can't talk. >> i feel like you. >> you feel awesome? >> exactly. wait a minute. now i look like you. i was hoping that would go lower, but it didn't. >> you went low enough, andy. >> true. it is true. "amazing race" in vietnam. you said the people singing were like "glee" with
12:34 am
starvation? >> yes jai. so like "glee." eat something, people. >> you have to be skinny if you are going to be singing. that's my motto. >> is that what you always said? >> that's what i tell my students. >> they never really learn to sing though, do they? they make noises, but it is not singing. >> i convinced them that weeping is like singing. >> i was confused and you said you were just in vietnam, and it is depressing to see how they are rejecting communism and embracing capitalism? >> it is depressing to think about how many vietnamese died in the name of come communism when it is rejected by their own country. every single vietnamese who died, north vietnamese died in vein. >> gocha. that makes more sense. >> either i said it uncluerly or you heard me unclearly. >> i'm sure i heard you. i was listening to the new david bowie album. you said the producers of the amazing race are tone deaf,
12:35 am
and i agree. that said, the whole point of the reality show is making people do stupid things. >> that's an interesting point. can i comment on your collar? >> please. >> have you had it tailored? >> this is a tailored shirt. >> maybe they made the neck too tight. >> maybe. i have been working out. >> i wanted to mention that. >> i have just been told i was not working out. >> thank you, producers. >> also, you said the image of the b-52 bomber in the water was jarring. i do think that's the point from the vietnamese perspective. it crashed in a tiny lake. >> and that the vietnamese are celebrating this victory, the shooting down of the american warplane. >> and even more than that, they kept the village around it, and it was to show the bravery of their people. from their perspective, the point is that's why it is jarring. >> for me being a channel surfer, it wassen fiewr yaiting. >> i can imagine.
12:36 am
>> horrible, offensive. >> as a channel surfer, you were angry. >> because it made me stop -- >> not as an american. she was not outraged as an american. she was outraged as a channel surfer. >> how dare you interrupt my channel surfing? >> you made her miss a product on qvc. jay come on, move on -- >> come on, move on. give me a break. find something funny. >> the school district bans the nonfamily hugs. lori, you said this was going too far which i agree with. and dennis, you said they don't allow unaccompanied minors to sit next to a man on a plane. we always hear if we give up our rights the terrorists win. if we give up our hugs haven't the pedophiles won? >> paranoia has won. we are giving up the beautiful idea of american freedom. i am trying to get a ticket for my child -- a child of my
12:37 am
niece to visit me. he is 12 and i cannot buy it on-line because he is an unaccompanied 12-year-old. i was seven and i traveled alone. no one met me at the airport. >> that's because you were a drifter. >> but still. even so they didn't care. >> you had all of your stuff tied up in a bandanna and you whistled a lot. >> and you left under suspicious circumstance ises, let's be honest. >> left a trail of bodies. that's amazing though. you can't buy a ticket? >> that's right. a red thing comes up and i guess i have to call the airline and fill out forms. it is disgraceful. >> can his parents do it? >> it is irrelevant who does it. it is irrelevant. it didn't ask me if i was the parent. it was anybody trying to book a ticket. go to expedia or american airlines. that's what i tried. >> you said the parents are having their responsibility taken away from them. they are not having it taken
12:38 am
away. they are giving it away. they don't want to deal with it. >> the parents aren't fighting. if you told me i can't send the food i want with my kid, i met an australian -- not i was there jew sh -- >> small canoe in mozambique. >> i was in mozambique. i was, i swear to>> how was the? >> this woman was telling me you get different colors depending on what food you send with your child in australia. red, yellow, green, different things that allow the child to eat it or not eat it or other children to eat it. how did any of us, especially me. i am the oldest. how did we survive childhood? we were around secondhand smoke and took any food i wanted to school, i flew alone. it is amazing i'm alive. >> does anyone remember when they were a kid any kid having a problem with a food allergy
12:39 am
in school? >> thank you. thank you. >> it is ridiculous. >> i had a friend with a peanut allergy. >> is he living? >> if i a ate a lot of paste i would feel sick. >> he is alive and he did eat peanuts once by accident and had to go to the hospital. >> okay, that's what happens. >> but the school didn't require all of the other kids to not have peanuts. >> that's right. >> i don't think that is what they are saying. >> yes they are. that's the rules in the school. i have my kids in elementary school and you have to give them a specialized -- >> the rule is that you need a universal snack and then, yes, be aware of the allergies. if you are not, list every single lar food. -- cingular food. >> i was allergic to schoolwork and look where i am. >> exactly. >> i want to say one thing. what joe said about parents giving up this responsibility, the committee that is in the school district that set up these rules was comprised of
12:40 am
principals and parents. parents were a part of this. >> people have children now because it is systematically what they are supposed to do. why should parents -- why should the afternoon -- should the average parent we smarter than the average citizen? they should not. they shouldn't be parents. they can't handle it. i'm serious. why are you laughing? >> people just have kids because they think that's what they have to do. we are having less children. >> you should have children. people should have children because they think they should have children. >> it doesn't change the fact that most people do it because they think it is just what they are supposed to do. >> i want to move on, but you are basically saying what we already know. it is called continuing the population. you have to have kids or the planet dies. >> the population is fine.
12:41 am
the planet is not going to die. the population will go strong for a longtime. the average person doesn't go, i dream of having a family. i want to nurture a child. they say my neighbor did it and i should do it too. >> it is a condescending attitude for people who want to have kids. >> i'm sorry. andy, i'm sorry. >> i just have a feeling that conversation just caused a lot of people to try and go and make some kids. >> i know what i am doing after the show. >> greg, you said what bugs you is rodman is withholding information about an enemy of the u.s. >> i don't think he is doing it very well. i won't tell you if the toilets were made of gold or anything like that. i promised i wouldn't talk about that. >> i love that. >> thanks foretelling us the toilets are made of gold. >> you know they are. >> that's what he just told us. >> and lastly on the easter egg roll, you said the eggs
12:42 am
aren't happening. quote, we are planning to proceed with the easter egg roll. >> they are just saying it might not. >> i'm sorry. that phrase was stuck in my head. my fraternity doctor yelled it at my dpirl friend. at my girlfriend. >> and lastly, bill, i don't want to debate with you. jesus did not anoint bunnies in the bible. back to you, imreg. >> thank you, andy. well done. see you at the end of this thing. coming up, what is the latest on this upcoming tease? spoiler alert, it is super duper coming up right now. is anthony wiener re-entering politics? i hope so. it is hard to fill an hour long show without him.
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is your mutt in a rut? people can tell how dogs are feeling according to a new study. researchers say humans can understand the royaling emotional estate of canines by
12:46 am
looking at their furry face. dog owners and nondog owners or ndo's as they are known in the business correctly identified when a belgian shepherd was happy, sad, surprised, angry or scared just by looking at pictures. although humans often think of themselves as disconnected or even isolated from nature, our study suggests there are patterns that connect. one of these is a form of emotional communication. blah, blah, blah, discuss, shall we this. >> lightning rooooouuuunnnnddd. lightning round. >> i want to put this theory to the test. i want to show this dog. joe, you are up first. what is this dog feeling? >> he is disturbed. >> he is putting on a smile, but there is something going on on behind it. >> fair enough. next one. lori, what is he saying?
12:47 am
what is he thinking? >> rejected by his bitch. >> call me, dog. >> bill, are you not dating anymore dogs. theks one, please. next one, please. dennis? what emotion do you see here? >> i think he is contemplating why there is so much evil in a world where a god dog exists. >> you hit that. he has that look. that's amazing. next one, please. bill? >> is that you? >> consciously optimistic, but mildly am pitch -- ambivalent. >> i think he is saying why didn't i get a bigger hat. joe, this one? what do you think? >> i wish we had the ratings that that pluto character had. >> pluto is jetsons? >> disney. oh my gosh. >> they named a planet after him.
12:48 am
>> you need a kid, greg. >> that is pluto. >> lori, what is he feeling? >> overly excited. >> how would you know? you can only see his head. >> oh pardon me. >> what is that? dennis? >> in the world in which we live, he might actually wish he was a dog. >> he is a dog. why hasn't he been on "red eye"? >> he got his hair extension on one time. >> not very talk tiff. last one for bill. >> that's a trick question because that's a lion, greg. >> what do you mean? >> that's a lion. >> how so? >> that is a lion. >> tell me why he is a lion. >> he changed his name to -- >> thank you. >> no, he is just a lion. get him off.
12:49 am
wild cats scare me. >> and reports say anthony wiener is prepping for a political come back. i think we will do that again on "the five" tomorrow. the congressman has spent $100,000 on campaigning, consulting and polling and still fuming over his down fall and blames nancy pelosi. who doesn't? who couldn't agree more? sending penis pictures is pelosi's fault. bill, how excited are you? >> very, very and very. i am here here to say one thing, even if he disappears he leaves the a block with him. >> you know what it makes me think of? it makes me miss bright bart. when i see his naked chest i think of bright bart exposing the whole thing. >> it is actually forgive me for being serious. it is depressing to me that men over 15, forget over 40,
12:50 am
think this is a turn on to women other than perhaps the lover they are having. it is such a misread of the female and so nonmasculine that aside from tasteless and vulgar, that's what most blows my mind. >> you know what it is? we talked about this when it happened. grown men aren't supposed to flex. you stop flexing at 15. >> what are you talking about? you were just doing it. >> i did that for you. joe, could he be the next mayor? >> yes, greg. he will be the next mayor. let me do a string of wiener jokes i didn't get to do last time. wiener will rise. wiener will be firm. wiener will be unbending. >> all right. almost done? >> wiener will be mayor. >> you do realize this is fox
12:51 am
news and nose "the new york post." >> did i ask you, lori? >> you didn't ask me anything. >> okay. what are you doing later? >> good question. his wife works for hillary clinton. that's like the big -- that's what she is his saving grace, i guess. so we shall see. >> we have to take a break. good point. >> thanks. that was tough for you. >> don't forget "joy of hate" any bookstore and order it on >> is that a better copy? >> what is with you? she doesn't shut up.
12:52 am
12:53 am
been waiting for the price of mattresses to fall? then hurry, sleep train's beautyrest and posturepedic closeout sale ends sunday. save up to 40% on closeout sets from beautyrest and posturepedic. save hundreds on floor samples and closeout inventory. these prices are falling fast, but these deals won't last. sleep train's beautyrest and posturepedic closeout sale ends sunday. superior service, best selection, lowest price, guaranteed. ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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12:55 am
are asking for wireless providers to save your text messages. it will score private messages in case the police need to obtain them later. text messaging plays a role in domestic violence cases. you are okay, greg and don't hang yourself. you must be dreading this because of the desperate tests you sent to women pleading for sex. >> i only send desperate texts to those who requested them. they give you something and they use it against you.
12:56 am
i think that is what is happening. >> bad, bad, bad. you told me to be quick. >> one more bad. we have time for one more. >> bad, bad, bad. >> i said one. see, you can't control her. >> could people take to the streets over this? >> i don't know if they will take to the streets. i understand law enforcement wanting it, but it will not fly with the american public. when does it end? will telephone conversations be next? will everything you order at the store then be indefinite? there is a tension between ssed the line.iberty. >> as one who still sends messages by writing in his own fillet, this nonsense doesn't offend you, does it? >> i send it by the way. of the filthy blackberry. >> on this note they are talking about sexing in the last block. >> i will ask you delete what i sent you.
12:57 am
>> don't have to look at it, just delete it. >> we will close things out with a post game wrap up from andy levy. go to fox eye.
12:58 am
12:59 am

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